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  • College Funding - See how much you need to save to pay for college and other useful information on college planning.
  • Disability Insurance - Find out how much insurance you need. Note: when you get to this site you will need to press calculator button on the right side.
  • Investment Calculator - See the magic of compounding. Ignore the fact this calculator says retirement calculator. It will show you both lump sum and periodic deposit compounding.
  • Investment Risk Analysis - Find out if you should stuff your money under the mattress or head to Las Vegas.
  • Life Insurance calculator one - Simple calculator to determine your life insurance need
  • Life Insurance calculator two - (Note: when you get to this site you need to press on life calculators, then insurance needs).┬áCalculators from two sources will give you two different answers using the same data. That is why it's important to discuss your needs with a professional.
  • Retirement Planning - Find out how much you'll need to retire comfortably


State Insurance Departments

Insurance Companies

Medical and Drug Information

While these sites may provide general information, do not use these as a substitute for seeking a medical professional.

  • Dr. Koop - Good source of medical info although disappointing it's so commercialized.
  • Healthtouch - Has information on more than 10,000 drugs along with other information
  • Mayo Clinic - Advice on health issues, not sandwich spreads.


  • HIAA - Information about health insurance in general and new and pending legislation
  • Bluecares - Website for the national association of Blue Cross plans
  • NAIC - National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Personal Finance

Provider Directories