Business Insurance

Buy-Sell Insurance

What does a business owner do when faced with the loss of a partner or major stockholder due to death or disability? Does the remaining partner really want the deceased's spouse or children as new partners? Probably not. These eventualities can be covered through buy-sell life and disability insurance. This coverage can also be structured to provide a retirement buyout. Our associates are well versed in this area and can help design the best plan to solve this potentially devastating problem.

Key Person Insurance

Does your business have an employee who is vital to your continued success? Have you thought about the impact the death or disability of that individual would have on your business? Key Person Insurance can provide your business with an infusion of money in the event of the loss of a key person. One of our associates would be more than willing to discuss your situation and propose a solution.

Golden Handcuffs

Do you have an employee whom you would like to provide additional benefits as a reward for a job well done? Or do you want to make sure that person stays with you and doesn't leave to work for a competitor? There are various plans that we can share with you to help you recruit and retain the best people. These plans can be Supplemental Retirement Plans, Deferred Compensation Plans and/or Section 162 Bonus Plans to name a few.

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